What is TripTerest?

TripTerest.com is all about Travel and Enjoyment.

TripTerest is a Social Commerce platform for Travel and Enjoyment. 

Listing your products and services on TripTerest is Free. You can use this social commerce platform to help your business grow. TripTerest connects businesses with thousands of potential customers everyday through its platform and Btab Network.

TripTerest is also a tool to help you Collect, Organize and Share all the beautiful things about travel. People use TripTerest to plan their Holiday, Business visit, attending a Wedding overseas, attending Expo overseas............etc.

Explore the world with Tripterest.com. A community of travelers helping each other travel better. Get to know good places to visit and at them same time enjoy good food. 

See how People are using TripTerest in real life.


Plan a family holiday!

Sandy was planning a trip to China with her Husband and two children. She uses TripTerest to pin travel information she found on travel websites. She pinned hotels with great deals, nice local food, local transportation system and lots more. Not only that, she also got so much ideas from other TripTerest users too. She re-pinned good ideas in TripTerest and get advice through private messaging and reading comments. During her visit in China, she uses TripTerest to refer all travel information and also help reminded her to enjoy good food she planned before hand. 

We (TripTerest), are proud to be with Sandy throughout her whole happy trip :) Hooray! 


Attending a friend's Wedding!

Sonya was attending her friend's wedding in Canada. That was her first trip to Canada. She felt so excited and worried at the same time. Guess what? She has only 2 weeks to prepare for her visit. Lucky enough, she was being referred to TripTerest by a friend. She was so nervous when she first joined TripTerest. She sent out so many private message to TripTerest users who owned pinboards about Canada. Within 2 days, Sonya collected so much useful information about Canada and received so much advice from TripTerest users. During her visit in Canada, Sonya bought gifts for TripTerest's users who helped her. I guess there are now friends :) Hooray!   


Company Trip!

Jonathan uses TripTerest to plan his company trip for 38 people. He was trying to hunt for a bargain travel deal to any country. What a surprise! He found a hotel owner in TripTerest community. Their company trip ends up in Italy with the big help of the hotel owner he found in TripTerest :) Hooray! 


And Many more..... 

To share your experience please email to info @ tripterest.com

Can't wait to hear your story. Really! 


Our Mission

Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through Travel & Enjoyment. We all work hard to earn a living. Why not take some time to relax and explore the world. You deserve it.

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